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About O’Halloran Advertising

Headquartered in Westport, CT, O'Halloran Advertising combines integrity and dedication to customer service with a commitment to applying advanced technologies and business strategies for the benefit of all our B2C and B2B advertising clients.

B2C advertising, or business-to-consumer, involves promoting products or services to the general public. B2B advertising, or business-to-business, involves promoting products or service to other businesses. O’Halloran has the resources and expertise to focus on both of these types of advertising.

O’Halloran was founded in 1971 as a specialized direct advertising agency. Today, we´re a full-service advertising agency that offers advanced capabilities for planning, creating, producing, placing, measuring and analyzing marketing campaigns across a multitude of media channels. We service both B2C and B2B advertising clients.

We firmly believe in an integrated marketing approach that leverages the effectiveness of traditional advertising vehicles with an innovative combination of new media designed to provide maximum accountability and drive ROI. In order to deliver one coherent and cohesive message across all platforms, we provide full creative services and coordinate all media buying activities on behalf of our clients. We are committed to thoughtful planning, meticulous execution and objective analysis of results.

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